The Governor Had No Clothes?

There’s been lots of media coverage about the $150,000 clothing spending spree that the GOP sent Sarah Palin and her family on — a big chunk of it being at that favorite of working class Americans, Neiman Marcus. I, for one, think they probably got their money’s worth. She looks pretty good in that red leather jacket and those boots. But, hey, I’m way past making up my mind about her qualifications for office, so I can focus on details like that.


If there truly are still folks out there that are undecided, I would hope that they would look past the leather and those glasses everyone has made such a big deal about.  For instance, recently, when asked about her role as VP, she said that the Vice President is in charge of the Senate and that she was looking — excuse me, “lookin’” — forward to when she “can really get in there with the senators and make a lot of good policy changes”.


I’m betting there were 100 senators, both sides of the aisle, whose ears perked up over that one!


But, I want to be fair. It’s been on my to-do list to try and get around to reading those hundreds and hundreds of signing statements that Bush has issued in the past eight years — you know, those waivers he uses to do whatever he wants. Not to mention the various precedents that Cheney has tried to put in place by ignoring subpoenas and disregarding requests and summons by the other two branches of our government.


So, who knows?


Maybe Sarah is right — maybe the Vice President is in charge of the Senate at this point….



3 responses to “The Governor Had No Clothes?

  1. i cringed when i heard her talk about getting in there and making some good policy….

    i agree the clothes thing was played up a little too much, but hey Joe the Shopper was just doing her part

  2. What a riot you are with that creative title to this post! I love your creativity and sense of humor.

    I have two points to make and I do so with a light-hearted tone:

    First, if Hillary had gotten in, it would have taken TWICE as much money to make her look HALF as good as Palin. (You didn’t expect her to tour the country in her moose-hunting outfit and hockey jerseys, did you?)

    Second, bring on those Wal-Mart receipts from Obama’s wardrobe committee. (Yeah, I thought so…)

  3. Lip stick on a pig is still a pig….lip stick on a ‘hockey mom’ is still a ‘hockey mom’ and not necessarily a qualified Vice Presidential Candidate! I prefer someone with intelligence and compassion…..even if they wear a burlap sack! Karen and Ann-Marie…..thanks so much for providing an ‘isle of refuge and hope’ during a particularly challenging time.

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